Our Mission Statement:
The Spencer Daniels Agency is dedicated to offering our customers a single-source destination for all of their event and entertainment needs. By not depending on third parties or multiple sources Spencer Daniels can guarantee our customers high quality and reliable services. The Spencer Daniels Agency is committed to customer satisfaction and prides itself on our ability to consistently exceed the expectations of our clients. We will strive to work with our customers from start to finish ensuring a successful and memorable event.

About the Spencer Daniels Agency

The Spencer Daniels Agency is a professional entertainment and production company that specializes in planning every aspect of your event. We have over 30 years of experience with entertainment and production of events. Starting as a small booking agency, it grew into a full scale entertainment and production company, capable of handling national meetings and events.

Jeff Siegel CEO PresidentSpencer Daniels’ President, Jeff Siegel, has developed a simple philosophy over the years: a better and more reliable service can be provided if you do not depend on multiple sources. True to this philosophy, the Spencer Daniels Agency prides itself on serving as your “one-stop shop” for all your event planning needs. We know the equipment and products will be there on time and in good working order. By not having to hire outside suppliers, costs are kept to a minimum, so more can be provided for less.

Our Goal:
At the Spencer Daniels Agency we’re committed to customer satisfaction. Our dedicated staff will work with you from start to finish to ensure that you have a successful and memorable event. When you speak with one of our entertainment specialists you will discuss your vision of the event and from there we will turn that vision into reality. We invite you to look over our website to see for yourself the depth and level of service we provide. Our President, Jeff Siegel, is always available for consultation to go over any aspect of your event to ensure its success. Speak with one of our event coordinators and reserve your date today!

What is the SDA Advantage?

Multiple Services. Affordability. Customer Service. These three principles guide our every action. We’re your one stop for all your entertainment, production, and event needs. The Spencer Daniels Agency specializes in all types of events and offers every event service under one roof. Our professionally trained staff is always available to ensure the flawless planning and execution of your special event! We take immense pride in customer satisfaction and will work with you to turn your vision into reality.

Multiple Services
Unlike other entertainment companies, the Spencer Daniels Agency is a full-service event planning agency that can provide you with everything you need for your special event. For instance, for a corporate gala we can provide you with the music, the decorations, the audio-visual equipment for the presentation, the photography and videography, as well as any other entertainment you may want at the event! Further, we own all of the equipment which means that we can guarantee it will be in proper working order and meet your highest expectations!

Nobody likes paying too much for the service they are looking for. Our multiple service approach allows us to charge less than most of our competitors! When you book more than one service through SDA you’re only paying transportation costs, staffing costs, and planning costs once! All these costs are built into the prices of other companies. We consolidate these costs by offering you all the services from a single source!

Customer Service
Our competitive pricing is supplemented by our attention to detail, professional staff, and our unwavering commitment to ensure your special event is flawlessly executed. With over 30 years of experience the Spencer Daniels Agency has the knowledge and expertise to turn your vision into reality. Our event specialists will work with you from start to finish to ensure a memorial and successful event!