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Las Vegas Casino Party

A casino party is a great way to engage your guests and create a unique and fun-filled experience for you and your guests. We provide professional casino tables, professionally dressed casino deals, chips, playing cards, and everything else you need to have a night out Vegas style. Our friendly dealers will also teach your guests how to play any games they are not familiar with. Casino parties are great for any type of event and for all age groups. Also ask us about our Las Vegas themed casino decorations for your casino night! Here are the type of casino games that we offer:

  • Blackjack Tables
  • Texas Holdem’
  • Roulette Tables
  • Craps Tables
  • Poker Tables
  • Money Wheels
  • Slot Machines
  • Let It Ride
  • Caribbean Stud
  • Flying Money Machine


    At the end of the night our event managers will cash all of your guests out and give away prizes to the top money winners (optional)! Guests will play with fake money/chips all night so they don’t have to worry about losing their money in Vegas! We also offer the following options for our casino parties:

    • Tournament Style
    • Vegas Themed Decorations
    • Fund-raising Management
    • Extra Event Managers


    Players Per Table & Rules of Games

    Game Players Rules of Game
    Blackjack 7 Click Here for Rules of Blackjack!
    Let it Ride 7 Click Here for Rules of Let it Ride!
    Roulette 10-15 Click Here for Rules of Roulette!
    Double Roulette 20-30 Click Here for Rules of Roulette!
    Flying Money Machine 20 per hour
    Craps 15 Click Here for Rules of Craps!
    Texas Holdem’ 8 Click Here for Rules of Texas Holdem’
    Money Wheel 10 Click Here for the Rules of Money Wheel!
    Caribbean Stud 7 Click Here for Rules of Caribbean Stud!
    Slot Machine 1

    How a Casino Theme Party Works:

    Before Your Party Starts

    The Spencer Daniels Agency will arrive before your event so that we can setup the tables and prepare for your guests to arrive. We’ll work with you to arrange a setup time that is suitable for the event schedule, the size of your party, and the requirements of your venue and other vendors. Your SDA event planner will coordinate with your venue’s catering and events managers to ensure a smooth setup.

    The Casino Party

    Our standard casino party package lasts for 4 hours. This includes the time it takes to “cash out” your guests. This means that your guests will get about 3.5 hours of gaming time while the tables are open! An announcement is usually made at each table about 15 minutes before it is going to close so that your guests know how much time they have left to gamble.

    As your guests arrive we’ll have one of our professional dealers at the entrance who will give everyone a plastic voucher card that they can redeem for $50,000 in play chips. Your guests can redeem this voucher at any gaming table! For longer/shorter parties we may advise increasing/decreasing the value of the voucher. None of the chips have any real value. These chips do however have pretend value at all the casino tables at your party!

    Each of our tables has a laminated card that provides players with instructions if they are not familiar with the game or bets. Additionally, all of our friendly dealers will be there to assist your guests with each of the games so that they can have a great time regardless of whether they frequent the real casino! We’ll also provide 1-2 pit bosses or supervisors who will ensure that all the dealers have enough chips to pay out and that players are having the absolute best time!

    How to Award Prizes

    The first thing we tell all our clients when they ask about awarding prizes is that you don’t have to give away prizes if you don’t want to! Your guests are coming to your event or party regardless of whether you are giving away prizes. Casino parties are a very exciting and memorable time even when you just turn your chips in at the end of the night and announce the high money winners! So if prizes are out of your budget or aren’t appropriate for your event just remember that you don’t have to give any away.

    If you want to award prizes there are several ways you can do so. Here are the most popular and time tested methods of giving prizes away at the end of your casino party:

    • High Money Winners: This is the easiest way to give away prizes for your casino party. The guests with the highest winnings are awarded a prize.
    • The Standard Raffle: The play chips are converted to raffle tickets in a ratio of 1 ticket for every $20,000 in chips (or any other ratio you want). Tickets are randomly selected and the prizes are raffled off one at a time. We recommend giving one raffle ticket to ALL guests regardless of how much they won at the tables. This keeps them in the game and ensures they stay for the entire event!
    • Pick-A-Prize Raffle The play chips are converted to raffle tickets in a ratio of 1 ticket for every $20,000 in chips (or any other ratio you want). Guests then place raffle tickets in individual boxes for each prize in which they are interested. The difference between a standard raffle and a pick-a-prize raffle is that in a raffle with multiple prizes, there is one “hat” from which names are drawn, but in a pick-a-prize raffle each prize has its own “hat”. This allows ticket buyers to choose which prize to focus on, as opposed to having a first, second, third, etc. prize.

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