The Spencer Daniels Agency, Inc. is excited to announce our new Instant Photos service that we are offering to all of our clients! Our Instant Photo service can serve as either an exciting addition to one of your events or as a stand-alone fundraiser to help you raise money in a fun and interactive way!

So What Exactly Are Instant Photos? Simple. Our Instant Photos service is where we’ll take photos of your guests and print the photos on-site in as little as 10 seconds! Our photos are printed on the same high-gloss paper used in professional photography. Here are some advantages of Instant Photos:

  • We’ll post all the photos online so you can share all the fun you had with your friends and family!
  • With digital photography you can preview your photo before we print it!
  • Add the option of ‘photo fantasy’ to transform your photos into a virtual setting!

How Can I Use Instant Photos At My Event? Instant Photos have become so popular because they can be used at any type of event. Since guests get to go home with their pictures, Instant Photos serve as a party favor as well as a form of entertainment! Here are ways you can use Instant Photos at your event:

K-12 Schools, Colleges, and Camps

  • Replace traditional school portraits with Instant Photos to get students their portraits the same day!
  • Students and their dates can go home with their prom/ball photos the same night as the event!
  • Use Instant Photos at sports games, dances, theater productions, or other events to raise money!
  • Campers can take photos with their friends to remember the fun they had all summer!

Private Parties

  • Tired of the same old party favors? Now your guests can go home with an awesome photo that they will have to remember your special event!
  • Use the ‘photo fantasy’ add-on to allow your guests to be at their favorite destination!

Corporate Events

  • Try our “Cruise Ship Photos” where we’ll take your guest’s photo as they enter your event! Their photos will be ready to pick up by the end of the party; just like on a cruise ship!
  • Guests will enjoy having their photo taken with their friends, significant others, and colleagues!

Can We Afford Instant Photos? To work within your budget we’ve designed a flexible pricing structure so that anyone can enjoy our new “Instant Photos” service! Check out the pricing table below for full details! Call us today to discuss ideas for your next event and how “Instant Photos” can make it a huge success with your guests!

Select One
(from below)
Select Two
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Select Three
(from below)
Receive All Four!
(from below)
$300/hr $400/hr $450/hr $500/hr
5×7 Glossy Photos
4×3 Photo Magnets
Photobooth Strips
Photo Keychains



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  • Photobooth
  • Photo Fantasy
  • Instant Photos
  • Professional Photography
  • Photo Montage
  • Casino Tables
  • Air Brush Tattoos
  • Video Game Triathlon
  • Video Dance Party
  • DJs and Emcees
  • Inflatable Rides
  • Decorations & Themes
  • Shows & Acts
  • Carnival Games
  • Game Show Mania